Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ape Man Exposes Godmen

Guru Buster seeks to expose holy people erstwhile revealing the "holey" gaps in his latest sideshow, "Guruphiliac".

Jody Radzik has become a scourge in the tight knit community of the new age spiritual seekers of Eastern philosophy in America. Windus (white Hindus) all over are dazed and confused while true Sanathana Dharmis are plain fed up. His bogus blogs have become irksome reminders that Eastern philosophy will always have a tough time gaining acceptance in America, even amongst so-called believers. A great Swami once said, "Bringing Hinduism to the west is like giving a delicate flower garland to a monkey." Nevertheless, this ape is ripping it to shreds.

Yet, his ceaseless brain-farts reek so bad they're starting to stink up the community. Radzik's rants and raves (no pun intended) seethe with hypocrisy and are turning off well-informed readers. People are starting to sniff out the true fraud as he deletes blogs and comments from those (like me) that challenge his skewed views.

First of all, Radzik has his own website, Atman.net in which he glorifies his own devotion and Kali Worship.

Looks like Dakshineswar has come to Laguna Beach!

In a blog from his "Guru Clockin' Dollars"-to-save-the-world-section, Jody puts down the ancient 'Navagraha Homa'.....But secretly, he endorses such pujas like those from the cultish Kali Mandir (courtesy of: http/www.kalimandir.org/about_us/about.asp?page=sp_pujas) The following details the the goings-on at Kali Mandir, a place Radzik worships at: "In India there has been an unbroken tradition of worshiping God in the form of the Divine Mother Kali for thousands of years. Revealed by the ancient sages, puja is the science and art of invoking and honoring the living presence of God. " Amazing, Jody actually condones the ancient tradition of worshiping Saints and Sages?

"Offered on your behalf"
"Invoke the Divines presence and blessings in your life by having a special puja performed either at Kali Mandir or in your own home. " House visits.

"The minimum donation for a special puja performed at Kali Mandir is $108. What a deal! Looks like everyone is saving the world with pujas, not just 'Guru's Clockin' Dollars'.

"How to gain the most benefit from a special puja" "The more you are personally involved and connected to the worship, the greater the effect in your life. Many also decide to sponsor the cost of Ma Dakshineswaris daily sweet and flower offerings on the day of the special worship (approximately $20.00)."

"Home pujas also include special rituals designed to bless the family and home. The minimum requested donation for a home puja is $151.00. We request that you provide the wood, ghee, flowers and food offerings. " Wow, better get to Home Depot for those raw materials.
Well, what about expenses?

"A satsang is a business. Money is necessary." (Jody Radzik)
Another beg letter?

And finally, the Bling-bling
"Many devotees like to wear jewelry that has been blessed. Upon request, we'll be happy to offer newly purchased jewelry to Sri Ma Dakshineswari Kali and touch it to Her holy feet before shipping."
Many people might argue the Holy Mother in this scenario is merely a statue.

"Portrait of the Mahatma as a Hood"
In short, while Radzik attempts to expose his very selective subjects as unscrupulous Godmen, preying on innocent people trying to make a fortune. He himself is a culttie, a follower, a lowly devotee. While he

claims that "She's no more Kali than you, myself or my dog's ass, as is Ammachi," many would argue that the so-called Divine Mother that he bows to is no more divine than a slab of stone.*

Bottom line, while Jody and his hired goons try to make the Yogi look like a Bhogi, he is making an ass of himself. His hocus-pocus Guru-bashing has started to wear thin. While his intended shockwaves turn out to be more like little blips on the Cosmic Radar, his negativity may linger for awhile. But like they say, there is "one born every minute", and in this case, he lives in New Mexico.


*(Ironically, it is the same Dakshineshwar Kali that is in Ammachi's Ashram in Kerala. And Amma herself worships that idol.)